Monday, November 22, 2010

Ang dalawang Manuel

Napansin ko siya ng matapos ang feeding program, habang dahan dahan ng nauubos ang mga tao sa sa covered court. Kung hindi siya sumigaw, kung hindi ko narining ang maliit ngunit buong boses ng paslit na iyon ay hindi ko siya makikita.

May dala siyang sakong puti at sinisigawan niya yung isang batang nagpupulot at nag-iipon ng plastic cups na ginamit sa kakatapos lang na feeding. “Hoy! Wag niyong kukunin yang mga baso ha! Ibibigay natin yan kay Chairman.” Sigaw ng maliit ng boses sa likod ko.

Siya si Manuel. Payatot katulad ng ibang batang nabahaginan ng creamy sopas sa Feeding caravan ni Senator Manny Villar. Pero iba siya sa ibang batang nakita sa apat o limang beses kong pagsama sa feeding program na iyon.

Kung yung ibang bata ay umalis na ang kaagad pagkatapos nung Feeding Program, si manuel bumalik na may dalang sako, kumuha ng dust pan at naghanap ng walis tingtingpara ipunin ang mga kalat na naiwan noong Feeding.

Iba ang tindig ng batang iyon sa karamihan. May authority, may liderato. Sumunod yung ibang batang maglinis, nagtulungan sila. Yung mga batang ang balak lang e maglaro sa covered court. Yung isa may hila-hila ng basurahang mas malaki pa sa kanya. May kumuha ng dust pan, may nag walis at may mga nagpulot ng basura.

Nasa lima hanggang pitong bata yung naglinis ng isang covered court, maliliit sila pero sandal lang malinis na ulit young court. Maliliit sila pero natapos nila ang trabahong dapat matatanda ang gumawa.

Nagulat ako nung tinanong ko kung anong pangalan nung maliit na batang sumisigaw kanina. Manuel. Manuel, kaparehas ng pangalan nung isang batang taga-tondo rin na nangarap. Isang batang may authority rin ang boses, responsable at may liderato.

Dalawang Manuel, isang lugar, isang pangarap.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Floods and Lameness

PNoy Floodings!!!!

Nothing to do so I visit my Facebook account only to find PNoy’s account flooding status messages about Pacquiao’s Victory. I was just stunned that the account became suddenly active.

Are they going to keep Doing the regular postings now or just making up for the lack of Aquino’s appearance on Pacquiao’s moment of victory?

Why can’t he just ask Kris to gate crash the scene of Manny Pacquiao, since she really is a good stealing scenes. She can always include PNoy’s name, like “Well Noynoy is really proud of you talaga Manny. And all of the Filipinos, talaga. Wait. I’ll just ask jinky what did she bought from the US after your fight. There is this bag kasi that I want e…” and all the blah blah blahs…

Pilipinas Kay Ganda

Game Show?

It was really a dumb slogan to begin with. So gay and it doesn’t really hold enough attention to be noticed and be taken seriously.

Twitter is indiscussion over this mostly from news and from Momblogger, Noemi Dado. I mean it conveys something else. And Since its in tagalong how would you expect foreigners to understand that we are a nice country to pay a visit.

How would the other countries lift their travel ban from us when our message is like pertaining to prostitution? What if some foreigners mistakenly replaced “P” with an “F”? then I would be like Filipinas Kay Ganda, a perfect slogan to sell our Pinays to foreigners.

PILIPINAS KAY GANDA is one stupid line to promote tourism, the Philippines.

It is very lame as if they got the line from some elementary slogan making contest. That line won’t even make it on the runner up list.

Funny thing is PNoy agreed on using that to greet people in the airport.

Oh goodness! This is all trash!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

On Senate Presidency

Numbers are always the winner chooser. In this case the set for Senate Presidency is at stake. The next in line?

Kiko Pangilinan. As we all know Kiko is cpersonally close to Noynoy. Liberal Party senators are backing him at this race and the current Senate Preident Juan Ponce Enrile picks him too. I wonder if it is beacuse Kiko paid him a visit to ask for some "advice". It seems funny that everytime seats, like the Senate Presidency, are open the person eyeing for the post pays a visit the incumbent to ask an advice. It is suspicoiud enough.

If it is a number game and Pangilinan is lacking one vote to be elected, wouldn't he need guidance from the Senate Head?

There are 11 sure votes for Pangilinan, 13 for Villar (correct me if I'm wrong, no kicking this time n_n). That my friends is the reason why Pangilinan is "visiting Enrile for Advice".


On the other side of the fence, I like the loyalty attitude of Senator Bongbong Marcos.
Asked by Senator TG Guingona to change his mind over supprting Villar on SP race but he did not falter.

He said on an interview, " I said that my position is very clear. I ran with NP, won with NP, and I will stay with that group."


That is why I am always a fond of the Marcoses.

Since the voting includes those inside the Senate Hall only and the public has no say on it, I wish that these legislator will choose the right one this time other than sticking on their Party's wishes...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The LATE President Noynoy Aquino

Oh no the current President is not dead! Because if he is Binay would be rejoicing his glorious fortune over two Political rivals. First was beating Mar Roxas for the Vice-Presidency and replacing The P-Noy if he depart from this world, which he is not.

I am not a fan of President Aquino, I do not support him and I find his "New Policies" hollow, but I do not wish him dead. However the title "The LATE President" suits him best.

Less then a month in the Office, President Noynoy has been late for already three times (kick me if I'm wrong, then correct my counting). The reasons are his famous "No WANG WANG Policy", his stubborness to relocate to the MalacaƱang Palace, and the recent one, his upset stomach.

If during his Senatorial days he is tend to be late on important gatherings and no one cares, maybe is it best if he CHANGE that for he is now the President of the Philippines.

He is now meeting up with important people, some international colleagues for important talks about our country, which he distinguish as his priority.

He can not give out heavy traffic along EDSA and his upset stomach as an excused. He should be more responsible about the time being wasted on his waiting for him.

Masyado naman siyang pa-importante porket Presidente.

Since he wants a government run by "Leadership by Example" President Aquino should act responsibly and as a Leader, not just by issuing policies like No WANGWANG that sells in news and fooled people into thinking he is changing the Government system.

Monday, July 5, 2010

First Kill on P-Noy's reign

MANILA -- A municipal councilor was shot dead by two unidentified gunmen around 6 a.m. Monday in Barangay Estancia, Kalibo, Aklan.

The victim identified as Councilor Fernando Baldomero was declared dead on arrival at the provincial hospital after he sustained a gunshot wound on the head.

Baldomero, 61, is a resident of Lezo town in Aklan province. He is a rebel returnee and an active member of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) in Aklan. He was outside his house with his 12 years old child when shot dead.

The gunmen who were both wearing helmets and jackets were reportedly waiting outside the victim's house. They immediately fled onboard a motorcycle after shooting Baldomero.

The police recovered four empty shells of .45 caliber at the crime scene.

Bayan expressed Monday condemnation on the incident. (Sunnex)

Woah! I wonder what the reason is. But I have a lot of likely story running inside this crowded brain of mine.


Oh hi guys.

I'm done get stonewalled. I'm done not saying anything, or in this case not writing anything. So here, I'm also starting again. Noynoy Aquino may win this election but he still needs to prove its worth.

So, hear a lot of me again in the coming days!

Welcome me back warmly. Beside I'm one of your resident basher of Philippine Politics.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Noynoy had an EPILEPTIC attack!

I receive a text message sent by a former professor while having breakfast, according to the SMS:

" FR JOEL - Forwarded just got dis - just now Noynoy had an epileptic attack at their Isabela rally. News came from a reliable source coz d car Noynoys riding belongs to d brod of the informant. - MERRIAN CHUA'S MSG "

As I was putting my phone down the table I got a glipmse of this article on Philippine Star that really made me snacth the paper from my father's hands.

"Sorry dad n_n xoxo"

here's an excerpt from the article:
A Clincher A clincher
FROM A DISTANCE By Carmen N. Pedrosa (The Philippine Star) Updated April 24, 2010 12:00 AM

Ninoy himself sought psychiatric help for Noynoy.

I did not want to write about Noynoy’s mental sickness. In a political campaign season, it looked like black propaganda from rival politicians.

That was before I received information I could trust that the allegations about Noynoy’s mental illness were true. My source is apolitical but she was moved by her responsibility to her country. She decided to do her part to stop the prevarication of others who also knew. The stories about Noynoy’s mental illness are not ‘concoctions’ she said. These should not be dismissed. It should be proved.

We must look at the issue closely and not be satisfied with mere gossip but seek to establish the facts.

My source has no reason to invent a story. She is a private person who received information she feels must be told. She is connecting a story many years ago when Noynoy was a young boy in Boston, not a presidential candidate but as the well-loved only son of a father frustrated that he will not be able to carry on with his legacy.

Were Ninoy alive today, he would have been shocked at the cruelty of those who would use his son for their personal ambitions. He would have been angered by the insensitivity of those who would stop at nothing to push Filipinos, herd them into a crying mob and then set up his sick son as a presidential candidate.


Why is it that Noynoy Aquino doesn't want to have an exam to prove this claims as a lie? right? If he is not hiding something then an exam wouldn't be a problem.

And Ms.Pedrosa has a point that even soldier and judges subjects themselve to psychiatric exams to prove they are fit to do their jobs. much more someone running for The Presidency, because he will handle not just his life but lives of many Filipinos.

As for the Epileptic attack if Noynoy cannot cope witht he stress if the camapaign how in the world will he cope with the strees job of a President?

Filipinos, We need to think, we need to analyzed this facts and not be riden by emotions during this time that fate gave another chance for our country to strive.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The same thing with Cooper and Noynoy

Meron kaming aso before named Cooper, he was asweet dog and he died almost three years ago. pero when he was still alive naglalaway din yun e. Parang si Noynoy.

"One of these is, as the report says, you have a labile disorder. This is whole truth. Even Father Gorospe would be distracted by your drooling during our oral exams...Father Ferriols, who made a point of showing he didn’t like you, would make side comments about it that led your classmates to give you the nickname “Cooper,” a reference to Cupertino school where we would teach Catechism to retarded children. I, however, never called you Cooper."

This excerpt came from the open letter by a guy who named himself "TOMCAT", who, according to him, was a former classmate of Noynoy Aquino. It was also written in Jojo Robles column today, click the link above to see the page.

Cooper and Noynoy?

On my April 9 entry, i wrote about the allegedly medical report of Noynoy Aquino regarding his menta state. Although it was countered on the national news there are still other rumors about it.

One was, that even though the report was said as fake the point is certain results in the report is clearlly seen at Noynoy Aquino. second was, if the report is indeed fake then is it not a problem if he takes a new Psychiatric examination just to prove it wrong. Since it is the business a every voters to know.

Unfortunately the latter was unheed.

but here we go! A former classmate at Ateneo can testify that some of the symptoms are indeed manifested during their school days, and the author of the open letter cited not only one but a lot of. Take a look and fill your self in.

Fabricated or not, fake or real, surely Noynoy Aquino should be subjected into Psychiatric exam.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

LP = La Pera !?!

Mar Roxas coined this LP meaning last night at one of the new program of ABC 5, Dokumentado, where they make satirical remarks on the ways and issues the presidentiables and vice presidentiables are faces lately.

The show was like the Filipinized TMZ, where the head of the team ask what is going on with a particular candidate and every reporter has their own story to tell. It’s a fun thing to watch since you can sense the unbiased approached of everyone.

They featured 4 vice-presidentiables candidate last night and said a little comment on Manny Villar. It’s funny how they notices all the mannerism and ways of every politicians featured in their show.

It showed the however this Politicians uphold themselves in public eye and how they do their jobs as a public service the are still individuals who have personality flaws. It makes them more human and less than hailed celebrities of the circus-like politics that we have.

Okay back to mar Roxas LP meaning.

LP=La Pera. He was asked why he only has Radio guestings more than his TV ads. Was it because he was sure enough to win since the survey is always favoring him or was it because he doesn’t have fund to pay for the airtime?

Aren’t Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxs should be a team? Then why is it that Mar Roxas is being left behind when t comes to TV Ads? Aren’t these two should go together, hand in hand in this campaign?

Why is it that LP is able to finance Noynoy’s TVC while forgetting that Mar Roxas needs to be shown to national television too? Is Liberal Party concentrating at Noynoy’s campaign because they know that Noynoy has tons of flaws than Mar Roxas, and Mar Roxas will assume the office once Noynoy wins and once LP pushed the insanity issue of Noynoy for him to climb down the presidency?

I think that was the plan of LP. Start the insanity issue so that when Noynoy assume the presidency they could use this to as grounds to take Noynoy away from it and for mar Roxas to assume the office. All they have to do is both win this election.

Pretty nasty plan if you ask me.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Internet People enrage at MERALCO

An enrage friend in my Facebook posted this link:
It is an entry of Mom blogger where she cited Chuvaness.

A blog i read last week posted almost the same although he posted it like a prediction. He said:
3. MERALCO will start to hike and the palace will not do anything about this. Electricity is a major necessity nowadays and people will do everything to have electricity even pay for it in a higher cost.

You see my dear fellow Filipinos, we are having a peek of what will another Aquino regime will look like. The above blog from political puppet said some predictions on what will happen, and I guess the guy has a gift of seeing the future, since some of his predictions are manifesting.

-> Baby James will be hated much for being saying "VILLAR" when it was her mother's doing that engroos the poor kid on sorties of his dumb uncle.

-> MERALCo is starting to hike up its rates.

-> Kris Aquino is starting to power trip within the show business and the people around it.
I just thought about it, Kris is not respectable. Her mom was. Kris is not talented, it was just publicity. And Surely Kris doesn't hold any Granduer when it comes to being an actress, it was just what ABiaS- CBN is feeding the Filipino's mind. She is just anothe rnobody, mediocre, trying to use everyone's fame to get on the top and fancy thinking she is something worhty. She's disgusting. Abusing a poor boy, just to gain voters. Where is here motherly care?

-> ABiaS-CBN is starting to act as if they are the No.1 televeision network in the Philippines. They are acting like superior and Gods already.

I dont know...The Philippines is doomed under Gloria. The Philppines will be HELL if Noynoy assumes the presidency.

Noynoy: Charing! Naloko namin kayong lahat no? hahaha...magaling ang LP, mahusay na artista si Kris, plus si Mom at Dad magaling na endorser kahit tigok na...hahahah...Yari kayo!

Friday, April 9, 2010

When Noynoy went to a Psychiatrist

Wow emails have been largely used nowadays...

got this from a friend: NOYNOY AQUINO's PSYCHIATRICT REPORT!
but the news last night said it was not true. that noynoy didn't get any test and that Fr. caluag didn't signed any report like this.
Here an excerpt from the said report:
History of Present Illness:
The patient is a 36-year old single male with a history of profuse salivation and labile moods since his childhood. He was observed to be sleeping excessively, disoriented and confusing family and household member’s name. When interviewed at the time of psychiatric assessment, the patient said he had difficulty in speech, poor concentration, impaired thinking and melancholia brought about by the stresses of his work and the break-up with his flight attendant girlfriend. He also claimed he felt clumsy and uncoordinated. He also describes what appeared to be a deep sense of foreboding and feeling that the “world was coming to an end.” -----

Wheteher this report is true or not everyone can actually see the "Current Symptoms" very clearly.




I dreaded the day that when he assume office and the will be an international event he will look like this. PHILIPPINE LEADER, A SLOUCHER. nice TIMES headline.

HAY...TSK TSK...with or without the report, This symptops are naturally seen, people are just trying not to noticed because he is a son of two great people.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby James: Iboto si Manny Villar

cute ctue ni Baby James!!!


A repairman came to my brother's place yesterday and told us this story about Kris Aquino's sortie in Bacolod on Monday evening, March 29, 2010.

Kris: Baby James, sino yung iboboto natin sa pagka presidente?

Baby James shouted: Si Villar!

Kris moved away quickly and started on an impromptu number hoping that the people did not catch what Baby James said. ABS CBN did not broadcast this incident.

Well ... as they say, babies do not lie, do they?


Ricardo G Barcelona

Buti pa si baby James alam kung ano makakabuti sa buong Pilipinas!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Stop YELLOW Journalism!!!!

Yellow journalism is Sensational Journalism. And now it becomes Noynoy journalism, since he bears the color Yellow and flaunt it as if he has the copyright fo that particular color. Now the Philippine Daily Inquirer was sticking to that sensational journalism. making Noynoy sensational so that Filipino will be condition to think that noynoy is the best candidate there is in this up coming election.

The Newspaper especially PDI really exploits the usage of that media outlet, distorts bad news about Noynoy to make him appear as the saintly presidentiable, and exaggerates the news about him to create sensations and attract the Filipinos into voting for him.

Now Yellow journalism is not just a term but a style of promotion for Noynoy Aquino. swarms of Yellow journalist rule Inquirer's daily issues, whether on news or opinions. And it is all about Noynoy Aquino, how good he is, how cool to support him, how he figths corruption, which by the way not true.

Now where is the balanced news and fearless views?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Competence wise, Lito lapid na ako!!

Napagtripan ko lang ngayong araw na makialam at halughugin ang [may .ph pala yun?!]

Naisip ko dahil sa nakikita kong litrato ni noynoy na ikinukumpara kay Lito lapid. Hindi naman sa minamaliit ko si Lito Lapid at ginagawang standard ng pinakawalang kwenta sa senado. Ang Totoo nga ng nagkalkal ako sa website ng senado saka ko lang nalaman na may maipagyayabang pa pala si Lito Lapid kumapara sa ibang batikan at mga kilalang senador.

Dahil avid anti-noynoy naman ako silang dalawa na lang ni Lito lapid ang ikukumpara ko.


Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III with P16.7 million (6th biggest spender during the 14th Congress)

9 Bills


17th is Senator Manuel “Lito” Lapid with P15.35 million.

117 bills

Ayan magbilangan na tayo. Mas kitang kita naman na wala talagang maio-offer si Noynoy. kahit ng amlinis na pangalan wala.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010



indeed they are close.

From the Cojuangco and Aquino clan it can't be hidden the true connection to the Arroyo's, esp. on Politics.

Are they pushing the noynoy's bid to presidency for them to take hold of what hey lost after Cory stepped down?

Even the people around Noynoy's camp, have you take a second look on those familiar faces. the same Traditional Politicians who reign during the previous administrations?

now who's trapo?
now who's the secret candidate?

what change? Why another AQUINO?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


People!!! This is soooo funny but true! Try it for yourself! Grabe talaga. WALANG RECORD KASI SI NOYNOY AQUINO E. Akala ng Google tinatanong natin about Ninoy?! WTF DI BA?

Please pass para malaman ng mga may maling akala! God bless the Philippines!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Team Ruffa or Team Kris?

Kung ang cup of tea nga napupuno si Ruffa Guttierez pa kaya?

Sa apgpa-power tripping ni Kris sa The Buzz noong linggo hindi na kinaya ni Ruffa ang weekly habit ni Kris na barahin siya. Hindi ako masyadong nanonood ng The Buzz o SNN o kahit na anong may programang andoon si Kris Aquino. Masyado kasi akong bias kaya ayoko siyang makita o marinig man lang. Kasi kahit sa boses yung sincerity di mo mahagilap e. Sacarsm lang at yabang ang traceable sa Mukha at boses nitong si Kris.

Nalaman ko lang itong isyung ito dahil doon sa katulong namin na nagkwekwento kagabi. Ayon hinanap ko tuloy sa youtube.

Hindi ba dapat kung aalis ang isang tao sa isang lugar at least bigyan may lang siya ng maganda farewell churva? e sa ginawa ni Kris Aquino na ipagduldulan kay ruffa ang pagkakaiba ng dos sa singko ay hindi maganda at walang delikadesang sistee ni Kris.

E, Bakit nakasama si Noynoy?

E bakit hindi?
Unang-una, kapatid niya si Kris at tumatakbo siyang Presidente. Malamang highlighted lahat ng gagawin ng kahit na sinong konektado sa kanya. Lalo na kung ang kapatid mo ay magkakaroon ng verbal diarrhea.

Pangalawa, dahil malakas si Kris sa dos dahil sa Nanay nila, noon pa man may ere at bisyo na niyang magpower trip. Ngayon dahil Malakas si Noynoy sa ABiaS-CBN at suportado ng dos at winnable daw ito sa eleksyon, mas grumabe ang POWER-TRIPPING ni Kris at pambu-bully niya sa mga artista. Asta ay parang parang may naicontribute na siya para pagandahin ang industriyang nagpapakain sa kanya.

Huli, isang representasyon ni Noynoy si Kris, ayaw man nilang aminin na nakikinabang ang kampanya ni Noynoy sa popularidad na nakukuha nito.

Kampo ni Ruffa
Yung sinabi ni Annabel Rama, maraming mga artista ang sa tingin ko gusto magsabi noon kay Kris di lang nila magawa.

At hindi porket siya si Kris Aquino ay pwede na siyang makalusot sa mga ganitong ugali niya. Hirap kasi sa atin sinasabi nitang " E si Kris yan e, either you love he or not" parang binibigyan justification pa ang ginagawa niyang hindi tama.

Sa balita naman, nagsorry naman daw si kris (pero tulad ng dati, nakataas dalawang kilay) LOL.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


-ang salitang kontra kahit balibaliktarin mo ay negatibo pa rin sa pandnig. KONTRAbida, KONTRAbulate, KONTRAseptibs, KONTRAbando. Laht ng nabanggit may mali sa kanila, lahat sa mga nabanggit hindi maganda. Tipong kapag sinabi mong KONTRA may piniputol kang isang bagay, may pinipigilan ka o hindi sinadang-ayunan. Parang KONTRAdicting statements ng isang tao tungkol sa mga importanteng bagay sa bansa ngayon.

Kotra sa mga unang sinabi ni Noynoy Aquino ang lumabas sa balita tungkol sa Tax. Noon kasi sinabi niyang hindi niya tataasan o magdadagag ng buwis, para daw di na mahirapan ang mga Filipino lalo na yung mga mahihirap.

pero ano itong nasa balita?

Sa Makati Business club Forum pa niya sinabing hindi niya tataasan ang buwis. Ang labo naman niya. Nakakatawa lang kasi pati mga suporters niya parang mga babae, pabago-bago ang isip, sala sa int sala sa lamig. Hindi mo alam kung ano ba talagang gustong gawin.
bakit parang lahat na lang ng sinasabi niya kinokontra din niya?
Talaga bang indecisive si Noynoy o hindi lang napag-usapan ng mabuti ang spiel niya sa mga forums ng LP?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Walang mahirap kung Walang Kurap

"Walang Mahirap Kung Walang Kurap"

-motto ni Noynoy Aquino.

-Panlaban niya kay Manny Villar.

-common Pinoy Trait.

-paghuhugas kamay

-motto na hangga't may pwedeng sisihin na ibang tao sa kinahinatnan ng buhay nila, doon nila iyon isisisi, pero di sa sarili nila.

-isang manipestasyon kung bakit Third world Country ang Pilipinas, Kasi baliktad at paatras mag-isip ang mga Pilipino. mas gugustuhin pa nilang igugol ang anim na taon at lahat oras at lakas nila sa paghabol sa mga nagkasala noon, kesa isulong muna ang bansa bago maghiganti.

-Isang pmalaking proweba kung gaano ka-dependent ang mga Pilipino sa gobyernong isinusuka nila <*kuno*>

-Salita ng Tamad.

-Napaka-fault finderna statement. tipong "Magaling ako, lahat kayo gago."

-May pagka-Ipokrito rin. parng siya lang ang malinis lahat basura.

-Kunsintidor. Imbes na palakasin ang loob ng mga Pilipinong harapin ang mga sarili nilang takot at agam-agam sa pagsubok ng bago at mahirap na paraan para umunlad, hinahayaan pa nitong lalong dumepende ang mamamayan sa gobyerno.

-wala ng ibang motto kasi wala namang ibang nagawa. LOL

comments unlimited, but will be moderated first...nyahahahahahah...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Maliit na Problema, kayang kaya!

madaldal ang tita ko. At noong minsan nagdaldal siya eto ang kwento:

Minsan daw naglalakad siya sa pasilyo ng Senate (pasilyo?! parang kulungan lang) ay nakasalubong niya si Noynoy namay kasusap na mga babae. Di na niya matandaan kung ilang babae yun kasi mas nagpantig ang tenga niya sa mga sumunod na narinig.

Animoy nanghihingi na tulong ang mga babaeng na kausap ni Noynoy Aquino, Dahil nga wala namang ibang tao sa pasilyong iyon at tahimik madidinig mo raw ang mga babae.

Nakinig naman daw si Noynoy sa mga sinasabi na mga ito. Ng matapos magsalita ang mga babae sa paghingi ng tulong ay hindi makapaniwala ang tita ko sa mga narinig mula sa butihing senador.

Matapos ang Litaniya ng mga babaeng nanghihingi ng tulog kay Noynoy ang tanging nasambit lamang ng senador ay "Maliit lamang po ang Problema niyo. Kaya niyo na yan."




Aba'y mahusay! dapat tularan, Huwarang Senador si Noynoy. Kahit ako naantig sa mensaheng iyon. LOL. :D

san ka pa di ba?!
napaka-matulungin pala ni noynoy e. Akalain mong words of wisdom yan. Sa kanya mo lang maririnig yan.


EDSA, EDSA, Pa'no ka gingawa?

Gusto kong bumili ng straw. medyo nahihirapan kasi akong uminom sa baunan ko ng tubig kung maya't maya e bubuksan ko ang takip niya at tutunggain ko ang laman niya. Mas madali kung may straw. Tutal usapang straw naman, parang katulad ng pag-sipsip ni Noynoy sa kinang ng EDSA I. Naiisip din kaya niya at ng LP ang naisip ko?

Pinag-isip ko tuloy talaga kung dapat bang angkinin ng mga Aquino ang tagumpay ng EDSA Uno (yung "Uno" pauso lang ng lolo ko). Para kasing napakalaking kalokohan kung ili-link ng mga Pilipino ang EDSA I sa mga Aquino. Tapos sobra pa ang paggamit at pagma-magnify ng EDSA I celebration.

Kung tutuusin yung programa nila sa Araneta Center na may pamagat na P.A.Y (di ko alam ibig sabihin, narinig ko lang doon sa pa-cool kong classmate)hindi para sa selebrasyon ng EDSA o ng People Power. sa Tingin ko Political Rally yun. Ginamit lang nila ang mismong araw na anibersaryo ng EDSA Uno at ilang sound bites galing doon, kasi mabenta sa mga Pilipino.

Naitanong ko tuloy kay Lolo kung noong mga panahaon ba na iyon e may nagpunta sa EDsa na kahit isang Aquino, meron naman daw, napahiya tuloy ako, Pero si Butch Aquino. Kahit daw mismo si Cory ay wala sa EDSA habang nagaganap ang makasaysayang EDSA I.

Yung kaibigan ng nanay ko na dting rallyista sa panahon ni Marcos ay nagsabi na parang isang produkto na lang ang EDSA kasi may brand na daw ito ng AQUINO. Masakit para sa kanya na ginagamit ang EDSA para lang manalo si Noynoy, kasi nga naman dahil kakaibang tapang ang ipinakita ng mga Pilipino noon para lang ipaglabana ng karapatan nila, tapos dahil lang malaki ang utang na loob ng mga Pilipino sa mga magulang niya dahil sa mga nagawa nito sa Pilipinas, e pwede ng gamitin ni Noynoy ang EDSA bilang tiket papuntang Malakanyang. All access pass, kumbaga.

Hindi ko alam kong manggagamit talaga si Noynoy o wala na silang ibang kayang gawin kampanya base sa mga nagawa at kaya niya gawin. Mahirap talaga yun dahil kahit sila walang makikita.

Monday, February 22, 2010

the "MansionS" of Manny Villar

This Mansion is in Salt Lake City, Utah, USAand belongs to:
Senator Manny Villar of the PHILIPPINES

While Filipinos starve, and die because of abject poverty ....and while Sen. Villar brags that he had poor beginnings and he had helped his poor countrymen over and over again... but look now.. he and his family live like this.......his GREED kills his poverty stricken fellow Filipinos .
PLEASE send this to everyone you know.
They can send it to everyone they know.
Soon Filipinos around the world will know what this man is doing to the people he wishes to serve if elected President.

any got this message sent via e-mail?

tsk tsk tsk tsk ... I did, one of my know-it-all classmate send this to me knowing I'm for Senator Villar. He snide, give foul remarks and bash me everytime he have a chance.
He's a Jerk by the way. A know-it-all, moral hypocrite dumbass. Like most of his fellow supporters.

We'll guess what losers? that Atenean who sent that message sent an apology after a minute or so, read:

There is an apology from an Atenean who bothered to check this lie peddled by AteneoGrupo58...

This is a clear black propaganda which originated from the school in Loyola Heights and portrays this as their truth....

Dear All,

I apologize for the INACCURATE & FALSE information I forwarded a few minutes ago.

I have just been informed that the MANSION SHOWN IN THE FORWARDED E-MAIL belongs to Robert Mugabe of Zimbawe.

I am correcting myself not because I support Villar but I wish to be FAIR TO ALL CONCERNED.

BTW, my source quoted a recent International publication, showing many photos of this infamous mansion of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbawe, Africa.

My apologies to the Villar camp.

Boy G.

hey know-it-all hypocrites, next time if you're coming up with a Black Propaganda, make sure hindi palpak okay? nakaka-turn off kayo lalo e...tsk tsk tsk tsk ...

see it here, the real message circulating. yung nga lang palpak...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Manny Villar Foundation a Fraud

This is already outrageous!!!
My aunt, who is an OFW in US received a message like this in her phone:

The Auditors of Manny Villar Charity foundation informed you that your cellphone number WON P950,000.00, 2nd prize winner Handog pabahay sa mga OFW! Call now I’m atty. Vic Fajardo From BSP Info. Dept. Per! DTI #0422 series of 2010

I know it!!!
I know who will do this despicable move just to ruin someone else’s name. They resorted to this like of strategy just to make people hate Villar. They already did this to scam in CEBU. Then an upcoming

Website named was organized by Noynoy’s cousin, Mikeee Cojuanco at her own house!!!!

How dirty their tactics are!

And this is what their “Good vs. Evil” campaign means. Bravo Conrado De Quiros.
I bet the most active Filipino in America who is a well-known supporter of Noynoy did this anomaly. He is so active in Facebook, putting up fansites like Fil-Ams for noynoy and Rizal for Noynoy. If im not mistaken his Noli Dazo. I’m not sure if he really is running for any position, but it looks like he is. He is so much into campaigning for Noynoy, especially in US and in Rizal here in the Philippines.

This is disgusting. How can this people who prided themselves into being the GOOD ONES does these shameful things? How can an angel-faced Mikee Cojuanco even plot a disgraceful strategy that will ruin their opponent?

Are these people scared that Cory Magic is starting to fade?

Are the supporters of Noynoy from the elite society and his elite relative, who will in fact can benefit directly from his position if, God forbid, win this election is making sure Noynoy will really win if they promote this character assignation for their ardent opponent?

Is this their way to counter Manny Villar? Why? Can’t they counter his competency?
Can’t they instead show the people proofs of what Noynoy did so that he have something to boast that he can really make all his stupid promises, than resort to this scandalous act of plotting Black Propaganda and Character assassinations towards their opponent.

Well, Noynoy’s relatives already benefitted from his position right? The Hacienda Luisita massacre happened a week after Noynoy assumed the Deputy Speaker of the House. So if Noynoy assumed the highest post in the land, they will benefit more from it.

Simply, right.



Friday, February 12, 2010

Hate Campaingers and Black Propagandist

Pagbukas ko ng facebook ito ang nakita ko...

"Mikee Cojuangco Leads Black Propaganda Campaign for Cousin Noynoy

The buzz in the blogosphere is that Noynoy Aquino, through cousin Mikee Cojuangco, engaged a web development firm called Voncore to design and develop a black propaganda website to help take down Aquino's chief rival Manny Villar in the May 2010 elections.

According to its company website, Voncore is owned by Rogelio Santos, Jr, a US-based entrepreneur who also happens to be a fan of Noynoy Aquino on Facebook.

The whistle-blower hinted that a briefing for the project was held at the residence of Mikee for the development team.

The plan was to copy the look and feel of Manny Villar's website and use a close-sounding web address -- reportedly -- to draw voters to the site, and then bombard them with black propaganda content once there. This is a tactic known as "phishing", and commonly used by Internet hackers to steal credit card numbers and other sensitive information from unsuspecting users."

wow naman. Mikee bakit di ka na lang mangabayo?

tapos eto pa...

"BEWARE: Lalo na po yung may taga-cebu o may kakilala na taga-cebu. Meron po doong BLACKEST propaganda laban sa atin. If you heard about anything regarding a Fund Raisng campaign where you need to buy tickets to win a house and lot worth Php350 wag po ninyong papatulan.Hindi po iypon totoo. Iyon po ay is...ang gimik lang ng mga kalaban natin para sirain ang pangalan ni Senator Villar. PLease Pass."

Hala. so Pilit na sinasabi di De Quiros na GOOD vs. EVIL and campaign nila...Sila yung GOOD the rest EVIL. E ano itong mga taktikang ito?

Di ba mas EVIl ito to the highest power?

Mga Libreng Artista? Oh, talaga?

Sa bagong RA 9006 na inilabas ng COMELEC kung saan pinagre-resign o pinagli-leave ang mga artista sa mga shows nila at mga media sa kanilang mga column, sinoing politico ang mas maapektuhan nito?

Kung Si Gibo Teodoro ang titignan isa pa lang naman ang nag-indorso sa kanya ang Rivermaya.

Si Manny Villar na kitang-kita sa mga Ads kung sino ang mga artistang sumusuporta sa kanya. Maliban kay Willie Revillame na all out ang supporta at pagi-indorso ni Para Kay Villar ay kasama niya rin sa ganitong adhikain sina Dolphy, Michael V., Manny Pacquiao, Richard Guttierez, at Sarah Geronimo.

Si Bro. Eddie naman kahit kasama sa bottom dwellers ng survey ngayon ay may mga artista’t celebrities rin ang nagi-indorso sa kanya. Andiyan so Gloc 9 at ang boung pamilya ni Gary V.

Samantalang Si Noynoy Aquino, maliban kay Kris at Boy Abunda, andiyan sina Vilma Santos na tatakbo sa Batangas, Sharon Cuneta, Ai Ai Delas Alas, Dingdong Dantes, Marian Rivera, Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez, Anne Curtis, Erik Santos, Bea Alonzo, Gretchen Barreto, Mariel Rodriquez, Sitti, Pooh, Kim Chui, Kris Bernal At Aljur Abrenica. Kung tutuusin mas mahaba ang pila ng mga artista na nagi-iindorso para kai Noynoy. Isama mo pa ng ang buong network ng ABS-CBN na hindi naman maikakaila na suportado ang kampanya ni Noynoy.

Sa isang linggo na ipapatupad ang RA 9006 at may ilang senaryo na ang naglalaro sa isip ko ngayon. Kung lahat ng mga artistang ito ay magre-resign o magli-leave sa kani-kanilang shows at dedepende nalang sila sa mga kandidatong iiindorso nila kakayanin kaya ng mga kanidato na suportahan naman ang kabuhay ng mga artistang ito?
Sabihin na nating yung iba ay pinili nilang iindorso ang isang kandidato dahil talagang naniniwala siya rito at libre lang ang gagawin niyang serbisyo, hindi parin lahat ay kayanng iwana ang kanilang mga shows at trabaho. Tulad na lang ng mga artistang may mga primetime teleserye sa tv. Hindi sila basta-basta makakapag-leave ng ganun na lang.

Naiisip ko rin, todo ang ssuporta ng ABS-CBN kay Noynoy Aquino, ngayong meron RA 9006, paano na? bibitiw sila sa suporta, na malamang ikakagalit ni Kris kasi malaki ang utang na loob ng mga Lopez kay Cory dahil sa pagbalik sa kanila ng ABS-CBN. O nagsasara muna sila pansamantala ng apat na buwan? O di kaya dahil marami naming kaalyado si Aquino sa Gobyerno man o sa Media, gagawa sila ng paraan para mapaikot ang RA 9006 para hindi sila masakop ng batas na ito.

Alin man piliin ng ABS-CBN sa tingin ko hindi papabor sa kanila dahil kahit paano hindi na rin naman ganoon katanga ang mga Pilipino pagdating sa ganitong mga bagay. Malamang din marami na ring Mga Pilipino ang nakakalahata sa mga ganitong bagay. Kaya lang takot magsalita dahil marami silang kakilala ng avid fan ni Noynoy Aquino na hinid irerespeto ng kanilang opinion at pananaw pagdating sa karumihan ng stratehiya ng Liberal Party at ng Campaign Group ng mga Aquino.

Naalala ko tuloy noong sumakay kami ng eroplano, nakasakay naming si Pinky ata yun, Kapaitd ni noynoy. Hindi pa panahon ng kampanya yoon pero namimigay siya ng picture sa mga flight stewardess at attendant ng eroplano. Sa tingin ko Picture yun kasi kulay dilaw na photo paper yun at andoon ang litrato ng pamilya nila.
Kahit sila mismo kinokontra ang mga adhikain at mga bagay na gusto nilang Labanan. Malabo.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Blacker than Black

This is how Noynoy supporters and Facebook Administration treat those who question Noynoy's capabilities and skill.

Ang Admin ng Facebook ni Noynoy Aquino ang daming demands sa mga fans niya, pero kapag sila naman ang tinanong kung anong kongkretong paraan at proweba na ginawa ni Noynoy para maging karapatdapat na Presidente isa lang ang isasagot nila, "Noynoy: HINDI AKO MAGNANAKAW" e maraming pilipinong hindi magnanakaw, pero hindi mo ikokonsiderang mabuting presidente.

Isa pa, sigurado kayong hindi siya nagnakaw? ASAN ANG PORK BARREL NIYA? anong proyekto sa Tarlac ang ginawa niya para sa kapakanan ng mga Tarlakenyo? Kung tutuusin e siya ang pang-amin na Biggest spender sa Senado ngayon, pero buti pa si Lito Lapid may naipasang batas, kumpara sa kanya.

Ngayon naman, gusto na naman nila panghawakan ang isipin ng Publiko. Dinidiktahan na umalis ang maraming Filipino FB supporters sa fan page ng ibang kandidato.

Ang kampanya nila ay naka-linya sa GOOD VS EVIL, pero bakit ang mga supporters niya e iba na ang sinasabi?

Kung bibisitahin niyo ang kanyang Fan site mas marami ang promotion ng hate articles o mga artikulong nagnanais na ibagsak ang pangalan ng ibang kandidato. Meron pang post na mas nauna pa sila sa Senadong jusgahan ang isang kandidato?

Bakit? Kasi hindi nila kayang tapatan ng konkretong plataporma at mga ginagawa ang ibang kandidato? kaya lahat ng ikaksira nito ang i-propromote nila?

Tapos kunikundena nila ang maagang panganagmpanya kuno, pero ano ito?

litrato ni Noynoy ar Mar Roxas ang ipinamimigay nila sa kaarawan ni Cory...JHindi pangangampanya? Hindi panggagamit sa namayapang magulang ang ginagawa nilang ito?

Pero pa isa...Bakit sa tuwing pabor sa kanila ang survey todo ang yabang nila? Bakit kapag may humahabol, e keso dinaya ang survey o nabili sa Quiapo? At kwekwestyunin na ang kalidad nito?

Ngayon marami pa ring Pilipino ang mas gustong wag pansinin ang mga ganitong katotohanan. katotohanang halos nasa harap na ng mukha nila, pero mas uso si Noynoy at ang pagboto sa kanya ang napaka-makabayang gawin e lahat sila yun na dina ng gagawin wag lang mapag-iwanan.

Ito namang nasa kampo ni Noynoy at Mar akala mo lahat ay walang bahid. Lahat santo, lahat ang taas ng tingin sa sarili. Ang ibang hindi panig sa kanila basura ang tingin nila. Parang wala silang ginawa para dungisan ang Pilipinas.

Ito si Noynoy Aquino. Kung hindi niya kakabit ang apelyedong Aquino iboboto mo ba siya? Kung hindi siya anak ni Ninoy at Cory, Iboboo mo ba siya? Hindi di ba? dahil sa napakagandang packaging kay Noynoy ng mga advertisers niya at ng ABS-CBN lahat ay ang tingin niyo na siya na ang mesiyas ng magaangat sa Pilipinas.

Ito ang mga taong nasa paligid ni Noynoy. inaaway ang mga nais magpahayag ng saloobin nila, inaaway ang lahat ng magtatanong ng proweba. sinisikil ang kalayang mag-isip ng madla.

Heto mga Kapwa kong Pilipino. Ito ba ang gusto niyong mapatakbo ng lumulubog na bansang ito?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Truth Filipinos don't want to see

Noong makaraang isang linggo halos lahat ng tao gigil na gigil sa isyung C5 ni Senator Villar. Gusto nilang lahat na humarap na siya at magsalaita sa senado. Harapain at sagutin ang lahat ng isyu.

Nagpaunlak naman ang Senadaor.

Ngayong Humarap siya at sinagot ang lahat ng akusasyon at allegasyong base sa "SAFE ASSUMPTION" ng mga senador na naghabla, nag-imbestiga at humatol sa kanya kahit walang tamang proceedings, ay binabatikos pa rin siya.

Kung hindi pamumulitika ang tema ng mga senador na ito [ Jamby, Juan Ponce, Jinggoy, Mar, Noynoy] bakit pa nila gustong-gusto na lumalabas ang isyu na ito sa telebisyon habang sila ang nagsasalita?

Kung hindi rin sila namumulitika bakit sa dinami-dami ng napakasimpleng paliwanag, kahit tangang pilipino ay maiintindihan, ay ayaw parin nilang tanggapin.

Talangka ang utak ng mga senador na ito. ang nakakali=ungkot lang maraming pilipino ang nabibilog ang ulo.

kung nais niyo pa talagang malaman at batikusin ang C5 puntahan niyo ito, mga sala sa lamig, sala sa init at nagdudunung-dunungang mga Pilipino.

Pero kung tapos na kayo sa C5 bakit ayaw niyong pansinin ang SCTEX at Hacienda Luisita kung saan hindi lang kurapsyon ang naganap, may pagkilit rin ng maraming buhay.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

chat box discussion about Noynoy

I found it open so i took the liberty to post it here...any way my sister won't mind since she's already pissed off by the stupidity of Noynoy Aquino and just want to share it with other people, so that somehow Filipinos will wake up and realize noynoy has nothing to offer.

Transcript na usapan ng kapatid ko at boyfriend niya...[hope they won't get mad]

boyfriend: scary maging president si noynoy 2:53 PM

Melanie: you know why? 2:54 PM

Boyfriend: It's like Kris will rule the Philippines... 2:54 PM

Melanie: sige why? 2:54 PM
i know that...

Boyfriend: at higit pa dun 2:54 PM
he's a puppet

Melanie: exactly... 2:54 PM

Boyfriend: we can believe someone who can't decide something by his self 2:55 PM

Melanie: my points exactly... 2:55 PM

Boyfriend: can't believe 2:55 PM

Boyfriend: Noynoy was elected to the Senate in 2007, after running a campaign that featured an ad with his mother promising “lagot siya sa nanay niya (he will get it from his mother)!” if he was ever to do anything wrong as a public servant. In the last three years, he has quietly made his mark as an active and independent-minded legislator. He led the call for the renegotiation of the Japan Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA), and was one of four senators who voted against its ratification. Roxas was one of the co-sponsors of the treaty. 2:56 PM

nangyari diba? 2:57 PM

he didn't do anything 2:57 PM

at all 2:57 PM

lumabas 2:57 PM

Hindi siya naging yari kay mama 2:57 PM

Melanie: okay... 2:57 PM

well kasi why ko maintindihan kung bakit marami pa ring pilipino despite sa mga katangahan ni noynoy e sinasamba pa rin nila yung kumag na iyon... 2:58 PM

Boyfriend: it's the name 2:58 PM


wag mo na pasakitin ulo mo 2:58 PM

yun lang 2:58 PM

Melanie: i know... 2:58 PM

Boyfriend: yung katangahan nia ay over shadowed by the greatness of his parents 2:58 PM
kahit na gano pa siya katanga 2:58 PM

laging nakikita yung Aquino 2:58 PM

hindi yung Noynoy 2:59 PM

Melanie: that's a good point... 3:00 PM

paano kapag nawala ng "AQUINO" at noynoy na lang ang matitira? 3:00 PM

hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm... 3:00 PM

Boyfriend: malamang Noynoy Autistic na pangalan nia nun 3:01 PM

A pa din naman 3:01 PM

di na nga lang Aquino 3:01 PM

hahaha 3:01 PM

“I want to make democracy work, not just for the rich and well-connected, but for everybody,” he answered when asked about his governance platform. He segued into a discussion of a couple of his pet peeves: the proliferation of erroneous text books come school opening each year, which he described as a tragedy that he would aim to correct if elected; and, the slow delivery of justice in the country, citing the hidden wealth of the Marcoses as an example. He added that solving these issues require strong political will. 3:01 PM

the Marcoses brought the Philippines a step closer to CA2020's dream... 3:02 PM

Melanie: almost...sayang talaga ... 3:02 PM

then ramos alleviate the country kahit konti after cory did nothing... 3:03 PM

Boyfriend: yes... 3:03 PM

Cory did nothing at all 3:03 PM

if they say the end of Martial Law is the start of freedom 3:03 PM

I say that's bullshit 3:03 PM

dahil when Cory stepped up everything fell to chaos 3:04 PM

Melanie: alam mo parang naisip ko tuloy...kung hindi si cory yung tumayo sa edsa noon to call for people's power, may ibang taong gagawa pa rin noon...nagkataon lang na siya yung gumawa... 3:04 PM

Boyfriend: yeah... 3:04 PM

I wished 3:04 PM

it was someone much more wiser 3:04 PM

yung may alam talaga pano mamalakad ng bansa 3:04 PM

kung evil si Marcos 3:04 PM

sana Good Marcos yung tumayo nun 3:04 PM

para after ng Martial Law ok pa din tau 3:05 PM

Kaso Bobong Marcos yung pumalit 3:05 PM

ahhh 3:05 PM

same lang din pala ng case... 3:05 PM

mana mana lang din pala... 3:05 PM

Cory was forced to be the President when Ninoy Died... 3:06 PM

Noynoy was forced to be the President when Cory died... 3:06 PM

History does repeat it self.. 3:06 PM

alam mo masakit 3:06 PM

ang taas ng winning chance ni Noynoy 3:06 PM

potek 3:06 PM

Melanie: actually the course of noynoy's campaign was the course of cory's... 3:07 PM
parehong pareho... 3:07 PM

yun yung strategy ng camp nila... 3:07 PM

Boyfriend: oo 3:07 PM
magulat ka pag mamamatay na si Noynoy si Joshua naman yung tatakbong president 3:08 PM

pustahan 3:08 PM

Boyfriend: sobrang nakakatakot 3:09 PM

sila yung nagdala at mag dadala pa lalo sa philippines na tinatawag natin SUPER DECILING STAGE 3:09 PM


-------- end --------

They have a point diba?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ang Proweba ng pagiging Bias

Hindi nakapagtatakang ulanin ng batikos si Presidentiable Manny Villar. Ako man ang kalaban niya ay gagawin ko din ang hindi patas na taktika ng kabilang kampo para lang mawalan tiwala at boto si Senador Villar. Marahil takot sila sa kakayanan ng senador na maipanalo ang eleksyon na ito kaya hanggat may maibabatong paninira ay gagawin nila.

Malamang sa malamang ito ang dahil kung bakit pilit na bunubuhay ang C5 isyu. Dahil nga naman wala na silang ibang kayang ipuna kay Villar.

Nakakapagtaka lang, bakit nila pilit bunibuhay ang C5 pero ang SCTEX na di hamak na mas kaintr-intriga e puros papuri ang inilalabas, kung hindi man e pilit pinapatay ang usaping ito na apektado ang mga magsasaka ng Hacienda Luisita.

Subukan ninyong pansinin, ang ABS-CBN madalas, lalo na sa TV Patrol, magagandang bagay ang inilalabas nilang balita at minsan yung mga panget na balita tungkol kay Noynoy ay inaanguluhan nila kung saan si Noynoy ang api at kawawa.

Pero sa Ibang kandidato, lalo na si Villar kung gisahin ni Ted Failon e parang ganun ganun nalang.

Napansin ko lang, bakit ang kampo nila Gibo at Gordon, na kung tutuusin ay ang mga kompetisyon talaga ni Villar sa pagkapresidente e hindi gumagawa ng maduming laro ng pulitika katulad ng ginagawa ng kampo ni Aquino? Kung titignan kasi natin ng maigi sila Gibo, Gordon at Villar lang talaga ang may tsansa na maglaban-laban dahil kahit paano silang tatlo lang ang may napatunayan at may kakayanan gawin ang mga lumalabas sa bibig nila.

Bakit hindi kaya muna intindihin ng mga Pilipino ang tungkol sa C5 extension. nahanap ko itong link na ito para naman gawing patas ang laban:

kahit i-google niyo makikita niyo agad ito.

Mas maganda kasi kung aalamin muna natin yung dalawang angulong isang istorya kesa yung maingay lang na angulo ang papakinggan...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hindi ako Magnanakaw! - Noynoy Aquino

Napaka-Nationialistic nitong bagong TV ad ni Noynoy Aquino no? parang ni-lay out niya kung ano ang gusto niyang mangyari para sa Pilipinas kung siya ang magiging presidente.

Ang Dami-dami niyang gustong labanan, ang dami-dami din niyang gustong mawala, tapos may kasunduan pa siyang kasama tayong lalaban kasama niya. Its a call to arms in this hard times. Bravo! Senator Aquino.

So Paano natin lalabanan ang lahat ng ito?

I mean any Doable plans para ma-achieve ito?

Kahit yung step by step lang?

Kasi kung puro Idealism at Call for Change lang ang gagawin natin, habang sinasabi na "empowering the people" edi parang hangang salita lang yun di ba?

Without any doable and concrete plan to move this country forward, lahat ng sinabi ni Senator Aquino, kahit ga'nu pa ito makabayan, ay mga salita lang itong simambit at inilista sa hangin.

Hangang Kelan tayo dapat kumapit sa ganitong pag-asa?

Pag-asang si Noynoy ang gagawa ng paraan para yumaman ang bawat isang pilipino? Paano yun? paano niya mapapayaman ang mga pilipino e hindi naman niya alam paano maghirap?

Halos lahat naman ng tatakbo sa pagka-presidente nangangakong papagaanin ang buhay ng mga pilipino pero at least yung iba may paraan sila para gawin yun.

E si Senator Aquino? pangako lang ang inilabas, saka ang pinaka-ultimate promise niya ay: " Nangangako ako sa Diyos at Bayan, HINDI AKO MAGNANAKAW."

So, lahat ng mga hindi magnanakaw pwede naring maging presidente?

Hindi siya magnanakaw, pero hindi din siya kikilos.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Iba na ang Problema

Noon madaming nagbibigay ng malisya at kung ano-anong isyu tungkol sa mga commercial na naka-linya sa eleksyon sa darating na Mayo ngayong Taon. Madaming batikos, madaming binatikos at madaming umalma sa mga "infomercials" ng mga gustong tumakbo para maging Preisdente.

Kunng noon hindi halos tanggap ng madla ang ginagawa na ito ng mga pulitiko dahil sa maaga pa at matagal pa ang eleksyon, ngayon ay nag-iba na ang ihip ng hangin. Ngayon ang mga ganitong commercials ay inaanyayahan na.


Dahil hindi lamang pangalan nila ang ipinapatanda nila sa publiko kundi ang mismong eleksyon.

May umuugong na balita na dahil sa ganid at pagkahayok ni Gloria sa kapangyarihan, gagawa ito ng paraan para hindi matuloy ang eleksyon. Madami na ang nangangamba na hindi nga matutuloy ang inaasam ng marami na eleksyon para mapalitan na ang kasalukuyang liderato ng bansa.

Kaya ang informercials ng mga kandidato ngayon ay para na ring isang tawag na maging bigilante ang mga mamamayan upang maituloy ang eleksyon. Ito'y patunay na kahit ano man ang mangyari kailangan ng bitiwan ni Gloria ang posisyong naging daan para maging pahirap ang madaming Piipino.