Wednesday, April 14, 2010

LP = La Pera !?!

Mar Roxas coined this LP meaning last night at one of the new program of ABC 5, Dokumentado, where they make satirical remarks on the ways and issues the presidentiables and vice presidentiables are faces lately.

The show was like the Filipinized TMZ, where the head of the team ask what is going on with a particular candidate and every reporter has their own story to tell. It’s a fun thing to watch since you can sense the unbiased approached of everyone.

They featured 4 vice-presidentiables candidate last night and said a little comment on Manny Villar. It’s funny how they notices all the mannerism and ways of every politicians featured in their show.

It showed the however this Politicians uphold themselves in public eye and how they do their jobs as a public service the are still individuals who have personality flaws. It makes them more human and less than hailed celebrities of the circus-like politics that we have.

Okay back to mar Roxas LP meaning.

LP=La Pera. He was asked why he only has Radio guestings more than his TV ads. Was it because he was sure enough to win since the survey is always favoring him or was it because he doesn’t have fund to pay for the airtime?

Aren’t Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxs should be a team? Then why is it that Mar Roxas is being left behind when t comes to TV Ads? Aren’t these two should go together, hand in hand in this campaign?

Why is it that LP is able to finance Noynoy’s TVC while forgetting that Mar Roxas needs to be shown to national television too? Is Liberal Party concentrating at Noynoy’s campaign because they know that Noynoy has tons of flaws than Mar Roxas, and Mar Roxas will assume the office once Noynoy wins and once LP pushed the insanity issue of Noynoy for him to climb down the presidency?

I think that was the plan of LP. Start the insanity issue so that when Noynoy assume the presidency they could use this to as grounds to take Noynoy away from it and for mar Roxas to assume the office. All they have to do is both win this election.

Pretty nasty plan if you ask me.

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