Friday, April 23, 2010

Noynoy had an EPILEPTIC attack!

I receive a text message sent by a former professor while having breakfast, according to the SMS:

" FR JOEL - Forwarded just got dis - just now Noynoy had an epileptic attack at their Isabela rally. News came from a reliable source coz d car Noynoys riding belongs to d brod of the informant. - MERRIAN CHUA'S MSG "

As I was putting my phone down the table I got a glipmse of this article on Philippine Star that really made me snacth the paper from my father's hands.

"Sorry dad n_n xoxo"

here's an excerpt from the article:
A Clincher A clincher
FROM A DISTANCE By Carmen N. Pedrosa (The Philippine Star) Updated April 24, 2010 12:00 AM

Ninoy himself sought psychiatric help for Noynoy.

I did not want to write about Noynoy’s mental sickness. In a political campaign season, it looked like black propaganda from rival politicians.

That was before I received information I could trust that the allegations about Noynoy’s mental illness were true. My source is apolitical but she was moved by her responsibility to her country. She decided to do her part to stop the prevarication of others who also knew. The stories about Noynoy’s mental illness are not ‘concoctions’ she said. These should not be dismissed. It should be proved.

We must look at the issue closely and not be satisfied with mere gossip but seek to establish the facts.

My source has no reason to invent a story. She is a private person who received information she feels must be told. She is connecting a story many years ago when Noynoy was a young boy in Boston, not a presidential candidate but as the well-loved only son of a father frustrated that he will not be able to carry on with his legacy.

Were Ninoy alive today, he would have been shocked at the cruelty of those who would use his son for their personal ambitions. He would have been angered by the insensitivity of those who would stop at nothing to push Filipinos, herd them into a crying mob and then set up his sick son as a presidential candidate.


Why is it that Noynoy Aquino doesn't want to have an exam to prove this claims as a lie? right? If he is not hiding something then an exam wouldn't be a problem.

And Ms.Pedrosa has a point that even soldier and judges subjects themselve to psychiatric exams to prove they are fit to do their jobs. much more someone running for The Presidency, because he will handle not just his life but lives of many Filipinos.

As for the Epileptic attack if Noynoy cannot cope witht he stress if the camapaign how in the world will he cope with the strees job of a President?

Filipinos, We need to think, we need to analyzed this facts and not be riden by emotions during this time that fate gave another chance for our country to strive.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The same thing with Cooper and Noynoy

Meron kaming aso before named Cooper, he was asweet dog and he died almost three years ago. pero when he was still alive naglalaway din yun e. Parang si Noynoy.

"One of these is, as the report says, you have a labile disorder. This is whole truth. Even Father Gorospe would be distracted by your drooling during our oral exams...Father Ferriols, who made a point of showing he didn’t like you, would make side comments about it that led your classmates to give you the nickname “Cooper,” a reference to Cupertino school where we would teach Catechism to retarded children. I, however, never called you Cooper."

This excerpt came from the open letter by a guy who named himself "TOMCAT", who, according to him, was a former classmate of Noynoy Aquino. It was also written in Jojo Robles column today, click the link above to see the page.

Cooper and Noynoy?

On my April 9 entry, i wrote about the allegedly medical report of Noynoy Aquino regarding his menta state. Although it was countered on the national news there are still other rumors about it.

One was, that even though the report was said as fake the point is certain results in the report is clearlly seen at Noynoy Aquino. second was, if the report is indeed fake then is it not a problem if he takes a new Psychiatric examination just to prove it wrong. Since it is the business a every voters to know.

Unfortunately the latter was unheed.

but here we go! A former classmate at Ateneo can testify that some of the symptoms are indeed manifested during their school days, and the author of the open letter cited not only one but a lot of. Take a look and fill your self in.

Fabricated or not, fake or real, surely Noynoy Aquino should be subjected into Psychiatric exam.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

LP = La Pera !?!

Mar Roxas coined this LP meaning last night at one of the new program of ABC 5, Dokumentado, where they make satirical remarks on the ways and issues the presidentiables and vice presidentiables are faces lately.

The show was like the Filipinized TMZ, where the head of the team ask what is going on with a particular candidate and every reporter has their own story to tell. It’s a fun thing to watch since you can sense the unbiased approached of everyone.

They featured 4 vice-presidentiables candidate last night and said a little comment on Manny Villar. It’s funny how they notices all the mannerism and ways of every politicians featured in their show.

It showed the however this Politicians uphold themselves in public eye and how they do their jobs as a public service the are still individuals who have personality flaws. It makes them more human and less than hailed celebrities of the circus-like politics that we have.

Okay back to mar Roxas LP meaning.

LP=La Pera. He was asked why he only has Radio guestings more than his TV ads. Was it because he was sure enough to win since the survey is always favoring him or was it because he doesn’t have fund to pay for the airtime?

Aren’t Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxs should be a team? Then why is it that Mar Roxas is being left behind when t comes to TV Ads? Aren’t these two should go together, hand in hand in this campaign?

Why is it that LP is able to finance Noynoy’s TVC while forgetting that Mar Roxas needs to be shown to national television too? Is Liberal Party concentrating at Noynoy’s campaign because they know that Noynoy has tons of flaws than Mar Roxas, and Mar Roxas will assume the office once Noynoy wins and once LP pushed the insanity issue of Noynoy for him to climb down the presidency?

I think that was the plan of LP. Start the insanity issue so that when Noynoy assume the presidency they could use this to as grounds to take Noynoy away from it and for mar Roxas to assume the office. All they have to do is both win this election.

Pretty nasty plan if you ask me.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Internet People enrage at MERALCO

An enrage friend in my Facebook posted this link:
It is an entry of Mom blogger where she cited Chuvaness.

A blog i read last week posted almost the same although he posted it like a prediction. He said:
3. MERALCO will start to hike and the palace will not do anything about this. Electricity is a major necessity nowadays and people will do everything to have electricity even pay for it in a higher cost.

You see my dear fellow Filipinos, we are having a peek of what will another Aquino regime will look like. The above blog from political puppet said some predictions on what will happen, and I guess the guy has a gift of seeing the future, since some of his predictions are manifesting.

-> Baby James will be hated much for being saying "VILLAR" when it was her mother's doing that engroos the poor kid on sorties of his dumb uncle.

-> MERALCo is starting to hike up its rates.

-> Kris Aquino is starting to power trip within the show business and the people around it.
I just thought about it, Kris is not respectable. Her mom was. Kris is not talented, it was just publicity. And Surely Kris doesn't hold any Granduer when it comes to being an actress, it was just what ABiaS- CBN is feeding the Filipino's mind. She is just anothe rnobody, mediocre, trying to use everyone's fame to get on the top and fancy thinking she is something worhty. She's disgusting. Abusing a poor boy, just to gain voters. Where is here motherly care?

-> ABiaS-CBN is starting to act as if they are the No.1 televeision network in the Philippines. They are acting like superior and Gods already.

I dont know...The Philippines is doomed under Gloria. The Philppines will be HELL if Noynoy assumes the presidency.

Noynoy: Charing! Naloko namin kayong lahat no? hahaha...magaling ang LP, mahusay na artista si Kris, plus si Mom at Dad magaling na endorser kahit tigok na...hahahah...Yari kayo!

Friday, April 9, 2010

When Noynoy went to a Psychiatrist

Wow emails have been largely used nowadays...

got this from a friend: NOYNOY AQUINO's PSYCHIATRICT REPORT!
but the news last night said it was not true. that noynoy didn't get any test and that Fr. caluag didn't signed any report like this.
Here an excerpt from the said report:
History of Present Illness:
The patient is a 36-year old single male with a history of profuse salivation and labile moods since his childhood. He was observed to be sleeping excessively, disoriented and confusing family and household member’s name. When interviewed at the time of psychiatric assessment, the patient said he had difficulty in speech, poor concentration, impaired thinking and melancholia brought about by the stresses of his work and the break-up with his flight attendant girlfriend. He also claimed he felt clumsy and uncoordinated. He also describes what appeared to be a deep sense of foreboding and feeling that the “world was coming to an end.” -----

Wheteher this report is true or not everyone can actually see the "Current Symptoms" very clearly.




I dreaded the day that when he assume office and the will be an international event he will look like this. PHILIPPINE LEADER, A SLOUCHER. nice TIMES headline.

HAY...TSK TSK...with or without the report, This symptops are naturally seen, people are just trying not to noticed because he is a son of two great people.