Thursday, July 8, 2010

On Senate Presidency

Numbers are always the winner chooser. In this case the set for Senate Presidency is at stake. The next in line?

Kiko Pangilinan. As we all know Kiko is cpersonally close to Noynoy. Liberal Party senators are backing him at this race and the current Senate Preident Juan Ponce Enrile picks him too. I wonder if it is beacuse Kiko paid him a visit to ask for some "advice". It seems funny that everytime seats, like the Senate Presidency, are open the person eyeing for the post pays a visit the incumbent to ask an advice. It is suspicoiud enough.

If it is a number game and Pangilinan is lacking one vote to be elected, wouldn't he need guidance from the Senate Head?

There are 11 sure votes for Pangilinan, 13 for Villar (correct me if I'm wrong, no kicking this time n_n). That my friends is the reason why Pangilinan is "visiting Enrile for Advice".


On the other side of the fence, I like the loyalty attitude of Senator Bongbong Marcos.
Asked by Senator TG Guingona to change his mind over supprting Villar on SP race but he did not falter.

He said on an interview, " I said that my position is very clear. I ran with NP, won with NP, and I will stay with that group."


That is why I am always a fond of the Marcoses.

Since the voting includes those inside the Senate Hall only and the public has no say on it, I wish that these legislator will choose the right one this time other than sticking on their Party's wishes...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The LATE President Noynoy Aquino

Oh no the current President is not dead! Because if he is Binay would be rejoicing his glorious fortune over two Political rivals. First was beating Mar Roxas for the Vice-Presidency and replacing The P-Noy if he depart from this world, which he is not.

I am not a fan of President Aquino, I do not support him and I find his "New Policies" hollow, but I do not wish him dead. However the title "The LATE President" suits him best.

Less then a month in the Office, President Noynoy has been late for already three times (kick me if I'm wrong, then correct my counting). The reasons are his famous "No WANG WANG Policy", his stubborness to relocate to the MalacaƱang Palace, and the recent one, his upset stomach.

If during his Senatorial days he is tend to be late on important gatherings and no one cares, maybe is it best if he CHANGE that for he is now the President of the Philippines.

He is now meeting up with important people, some international colleagues for important talks about our country, which he distinguish as his priority.

He can not give out heavy traffic along EDSA and his upset stomach as an excused. He should be more responsible about the time being wasted on his waiting for him.

Masyado naman siyang pa-importante porket Presidente.

Since he wants a government run by "Leadership by Example" President Aquino should act responsibly and as a Leader, not just by issuing policies like No WANGWANG that sells in news and fooled people into thinking he is changing the Government system.

Monday, July 5, 2010

First Kill on P-Noy's reign

MANILA -- A municipal councilor was shot dead by two unidentified gunmen around 6 a.m. Monday in Barangay Estancia, Kalibo, Aklan.

The victim identified as Councilor Fernando Baldomero was declared dead on arrival at the provincial hospital after he sustained a gunshot wound on the head.

Baldomero, 61, is a resident of Lezo town in Aklan province. He is a rebel returnee and an active member of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) in Aklan. He was outside his house with his 12 years old child when shot dead.

The gunmen who were both wearing helmets and jackets were reportedly waiting outside the victim's house. They immediately fled onboard a motorcycle after shooting Baldomero.

The police recovered four empty shells of .45 caliber at the crime scene.

Bayan expressed Monday condemnation on the incident. (Sunnex)

Woah! I wonder what the reason is. But I have a lot of likely story running inside this crowded brain of mine.


Oh hi guys.

I'm done get stonewalled. I'm done not saying anything, or in this case not writing anything. So here, I'm also starting again. Noynoy Aquino may win this election but he still needs to prove its worth.

So, hear a lot of me again in the coming days!

Welcome me back warmly. Beside I'm one of your resident basher of Philippine Politics.