Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The LATE President Noynoy Aquino

Oh no the current President is not dead! Because if he is Binay would be rejoicing his glorious fortune over two Political rivals. First was beating Mar Roxas for the Vice-Presidency and replacing The P-Noy if he depart from this world, which he is not.

I am not a fan of President Aquino, I do not support him and I find his "New Policies" hollow, but I do not wish him dead. However the title "The LATE President" suits him best.

Less then a month in the Office, President Noynoy has been late for already three times (kick me if I'm wrong, then correct my counting). The reasons are his famous "No WANG WANG Policy", his stubborness to relocate to the MalacaƱang Palace, and the recent one, his upset stomach.

If during his Senatorial days he is tend to be late on important gatherings and no one cares, maybe is it best if he CHANGE that for he is now the President of the Philippines.

He is now meeting up with important people, some international colleagues for important talks about our country, which he distinguish as his priority.

He can not give out heavy traffic along EDSA and his upset stomach as an excused. He should be more responsible about the time being wasted on his waiting for him.

Masyado naman siyang pa-importante porket Presidente.

Since he wants a government run by "Leadership by Example" President Aquino should act responsibly and as a Leader, not just by issuing policies like No WANGWANG that sells in news and fooled people into thinking he is changing the Government system.

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  1. Learn a thing or two about leadership and realize how powerful leadership by example can be...the change we need is not filled with high faluting ideas. The change we need is simple but difficult. It is changing behavior and the culture of power tripping.