Thursday, July 8, 2010

On Senate Presidency

Numbers are always the winner chooser. In this case the set for Senate Presidency is at stake. The next in line?

Kiko Pangilinan. As we all know Kiko is cpersonally close to Noynoy. Liberal Party senators are backing him at this race and the current Senate Preident Juan Ponce Enrile picks him too. I wonder if it is beacuse Kiko paid him a visit to ask for some "advice". It seems funny that everytime seats, like the Senate Presidency, are open the person eyeing for the post pays a visit the incumbent to ask an advice. It is suspicoiud enough.

If it is a number game and Pangilinan is lacking one vote to be elected, wouldn't he need guidance from the Senate Head?

There are 11 sure votes for Pangilinan, 13 for Villar (correct me if I'm wrong, no kicking this time n_n). That my friends is the reason why Pangilinan is "visiting Enrile for Advice".


On the other side of the fence, I like the loyalty attitude of Senator Bongbong Marcos.
Asked by Senator TG Guingona to change his mind over supprting Villar on SP race but he did not falter.

He said on an interview, " I said that my position is very clear. I ran with NP, won with NP, and I will stay with that group."


That is why I am always a fond of the Marcoses.

Since the voting includes those inside the Senate Hall only and the public has no say on it, I wish that these legislator will choose the right one this time other than sticking on their Party's wishes...

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    We really admire your loyalty!