Sunday, November 14, 2010

Floods and Lameness

PNoy Floodings!!!!

Nothing to do so I visit my Facebook account only to find PNoy’s account flooding status messages about Pacquiao’s Victory. I was just stunned that the account became suddenly active.

Are they going to keep Doing the regular postings now or just making up for the lack of Aquino’s appearance on Pacquiao’s moment of victory?

Why can’t he just ask Kris to gate crash the scene of Manny Pacquiao, since she really is a good stealing scenes. She can always include PNoy’s name, like “Well Noynoy is really proud of you talaga Manny. And all of the Filipinos, talaga. Wait. I’ll just ask jinky what did she bought from the US after your fight. There is this bag kasi that I want e…” and all the blah blah blahs…

Pilipinas Kay Ganda

Game Show?

It was really a dumb slogan to begin with. So gay and it doesn’t really hold enough attention to be noticed and be taken seriously.

Twitter is indiscussion over this mostly from news and from Momblogger, Noemi Dado. I mean it conveys something else. And Since its in tagalong how would you expect foreigners to understand that we are a nice country to pay a visit.

How would the other countries lift their travel ban from us when our message is like pertaining to prostitution? What if some foreigners mistakenly replaced “P” with an “F”? then I would be like Filipinas Kay Ganda, a perfect slogan to sell our Pinays to foreigners.

PILIPINAS KAY GANDA is one stupid line to promote tourism, the Philippines.

It is very lame as if they got the line from some elementary slogan making contest. That line won’t even make it on the runner up list.

Funny thing is PNoy agreed on using that to greet people in the airport.

Oh goodness! This is all trash!!!

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