Sunday, April 11, 2010

Internet People enrage at MERALCO

An enrage friend in my Facebook posted this link:
It is an entry of Mom blogger where she cited Chuvaness.

A blog i read last week posted almost the same although he posted it like a prediction. He said:
3. MERALCO will start to hike and the palace will not do anything about this. Electricity is a major necessity nowadays and people will do everything to have electricity even pay for it in a higher cost.

You see my dear fellow Filipinos, we are having a peek of what will another Aquino regime will look like. The above blog from political puppet said some predictions on what will happen, and I guess the guy has a gift of seeing the future, since some of his predictions are manifesting.

-> Baby James will be hated much for being saying "VILLAR" when it was her mother's doing that engroos the poor kid on sorties of his dumb uncle.

-> MERALCo is starting to hike up its rates.

-> Kris Aquino is starting to power trip within the show business and the people around it.
I just thought about it, Kris is not respectable. Her mom was. Kris is not talented, it was just publicity. And Surely Kris doesn't hold any Granduer when it comes to being an actress, it was just what ABiaS- CBN is feeding the Filipino's mind. She is just anothe rnobody, mediocre, trying to use everyone's fame to get on the top and fancy thinking she is something worhty. She's disgusting. Abusing a poor boy, just to gain voters. Where is here motherly care?

-> ABiaS-CBN is starting to act as if they are the No.1 televeision network in the Philippines. They are acting like superior and Gods already.

I dont know...The Philippines is doomed under Gloria. The Philppines will be HELL if Noynoy assumes the presidency.

Noynoy: Charing! Naloko namin kayong lahat no? hahaha...magaling ang LP, mahusay na artista si Kris, plus si Mom at Dad magaling na endorser kahit tigok na...hahahah...Yari kayo!

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