Friday, April 23, 2010

Noynoy had an EPILEPTIC attack!

I receive a text message sent by a former professor while having breakfast, according to the SMS:

" FR JOEL - Forwarded just got dis - just now Noynoy had an epileptic attack at their Isabela rally. News came from a reliable source coz d car Noynoys riding belongs to d brod of the informant. - MERRIAN CHUA'S MSG "

As I was putting my phone down the table I got a glipmse of this article on Philippine Star that really made me snacth the paper from my father's hands.

"Sorry dad n_n xoxo"

here's an excerpt from the article:
A Clincher A clincher
FROM A DISTANCE By Carmen N. Pedrosa (The Philippine Star) Updated April 24, 2010 12:00 AM

Ninoy himself sought psychiatric help for Noynoy.

I did not want to write about Noynoy’s mental sickness. In a political campaign season, it looked like black propaganda from rival politicians.

That was before I received information I could trust that the allegations about Noynoy’s mental illness were true. My source is apolitical but she was moved by her responsibility to her country. She decided to do her part to stop the prevarication of others who also knew. The stories about Noynoy’s mental illness are not ‘concoctions’ she said. These should not be dismissed. It should be proved.

We must look at the issue closely and not be satisfied with mere gossip but seek to establish the facts.

My source has no reason to invent a story. She is a private person who received information she feels must be told. She is connecting a story many years ago when Noynoy was a young boy in Boston, not a presidential candidate but as the well-loved only son of a father frustrated that he will not be able to carry on with his legacy.

Were Ninoy alive today, he would have been shocked at the cruelty of those who would use his son for their personal ambitions. He would have been angered by the insensitivity of those who would stop at nothing to push Filipinos, herd them into a crying mob and then set up his sick son as a presidential candidate.


Why is it that Noynoy Aquino doesn't want to have an exam to prove this claims as a lie? right? If he is not hiding something then an exam wouldn't be a problem.

And Ms.Pedrosa has a point that even soldier and judges subjects themselve to psychiatric exams to prove they are fit to do their jobs. much more someone running for The Presidency, because he will handle not just his life but lives of many Filipinos.

As for the Epileptic attack if Noynoy cannot cope witht he stress if the camapaign how in the world will he cope with the strees job of a President?

Filipinos, We need to think, we need to analyzed this facts and not be riden by emotions during this time that fate gave another chance for our country to strive.

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