Friday, April 16, 2010

The same thing with Cooper and Noynoy

Meron kaming aso before named Cooper, he was asweet dog and he died almost three years ago. pero when he was still alive naglalaway din yun e. Parang si Noynoy.

"One of these is, as the report says, you have a labile disorder. This is whole truth. Even Father Gorospe would be distracted by your drooling during our oral exams...Father Ferriols, who made a point of showing he didn’t like you, would make side comments about it that led your classmates to give you the nickname “Cooper,” a reference to Cupertino school where we would teach Catechism to retarded children. I, however, never called you Cooper."

This excerpt came from the open letter by a guy who named himself "TOMCAT", who, according to him, was a former classmate of Noynoy Aquino. It was also written in Jojo Robles column today, click the link above to see the page.

Cooper and Noynoy?

On my April 9 entry, i wrote about the allegedly medical report of Noynoy Aquino regarding his menta state. Although it was countered on the national news there are still other rumors about it.

One was, that even though the report was said as fake the point is certain results in the report is clearlly seen at Noynoy Aquino. second was, if the report is indeed fake then is it not a problem if he takes a new Psychiatric examination just to prove it wrong. Since it is the business a every voters to know.

Unfortunately the latter was unheed.

but here we go! A former classmate at Ateneo can testify that some of the symptoms are indeed manifested during their school days, and the author of the open letter cited not only one but a lot of. Take a look and fill your self in.

Fabricated or not, fake or real, surely Noynoy Aquino should be subjected into Psychiatric exam.

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