Wednesday, January 20, 2010

chat box discussion about Noynoy

I found it open so i took the liberty to post it here...any way my sister won't mind since she's already pissed off by the stupidity of Noynoy Aquino and just want to share it with other people, so that somehow Filipinos will wake up and realize noynoy has nothing to offer.

Transcript na usapan ng kapatid ko at boyfriend niya...[hope they won't get mad]

boyfriend: scary maging president si noynoy 2:53 PM

Melanie: you know why? 2:54 PM

Boyfriend: It's like Kris will rule the Philippines... 2:54 PM

Melanie: sige why? 2:54 PM
i know that...

Boyfriend: at higit pa dun 2:54 PM
he's a puppet

Melanie: exactly... 2:54 PM

Boyfriend: we can believe someone who can't decide something by his self 2:55 PM

Melanie: my points exactly... 2:55 PM

Boyfriend: can't believe 2:55 PM

Boyfriend: Noynoy was elected to the Senate in 2007, after running a campaign that featured an ad with his mother promising “lagot siya sa nanay niya (he will get it from his mother)!” if he was ever to do anything wrong as a public servant. In the last three years, he has quietly made his mark as an active and independent-minded legislator. He led the call for the renegotiation of the Japan Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA), and was one of four senators who voted against its ratification. Roxas was one of the co-sponsors of the treaty. 2:56 PM

nangyari diba? 2:57 PM

he didn't do anything 2:57 PM

at all 2:57 PM

lumabas 2:57 PM

Hindi siya naging yari kay mama 2:57 PM

Melanie: okay... 2:57 PM

well kasi why ko maintindihan kung bakit marami pa ring pilipino despite sa mga katangahan ni noynoy e sinasamba pa rin nila yung kumag na iyon... 2:58 PM

Boyfriend: it's the name 2:58 PM


wag mo na pasakitin ulo mo 2:58 PM

yun lang 2:58 PM

Melanie: i know... 2:58 PM

Boyfriend: yung katangahan nia ay over shadowed by the greatness of his parents 2:58 PM
kahit na gano pa siya katanga 2:58 PM

laging nakikita yung Aquino 2:58 PM

hindi yung Noynoy 2:59 PM

Melanie: that's a good point... 3:00 PM

paano kapag nawala ng "AQUINO" at noynoy na lang ang matitira? 3:00 PM

hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm... 3:00 PM

Boyfriend: malamang Noynoy Autistic na pangalan nia nun 3:01 PM

A pa din naman 3:01 PM

di na nga lang Aquino 3:01 PM

hahaha 3:01 PM

“I want to make democracy work, not just for the rich and well-connected, but for everybody,” he answered when asked about his governance platform. He segued into a discussion of a couple of his pet peeves: the proliferation of erroneous text books come school opening each year, which he described as a tragedy that he would aim to correct if elected; and, the slow delivery of justice in the country, citing the hidden wealth of the Marcoses as an example. He added that solving these issues require strong political will. 3:01 PM

the Marcoses brought the Philippines a step closer to CA2020's dream... 3:02 PM

Melanie: almost...sayang talaga ... 3:02 PM

then ramos alleviate the country kahit konti after cory did nothing... 3:03 PM

Boyfriend: yes... 3:03 PM

Cory did nothing at all 3:03 PM

if they say the end of Martial Law is the start of freedom 3:03 PM

I say that's bullshit 3:03 PM

dahil when Cory stepped up everything fell to chaos 3:04 PM

Melanie: alam mo parang naisip ko tuloy...kung hindi si cory yung tumayo sa edsa noon to call for people's power, may ibang taong gagawa pa rin noon...nagkataon lang na siya yung gumawa... 3:04 PM

Boyfriend: yeah... 3:04 PM

I wished 3:04 PM

it was someone much more wiser 3:04 PM

yung may alam talaga pano mamalakad ng bansa 3:04 PM

kung evil si Marcos 3:04 PM

sana Good Marcos yung tumayo nun 3:04 PM

para after ng Martial Law ok pa din tau 3:05 PM

Kaso Bobong Marcos yung pumalit 3:05 PM

ahhh 3:05 PM

same lang din pala ng case... 3:05 PM

mana mana lang din pala... 3:05 PM

Cory was forced to be the President when Ninoy Died... 3:06 PM

Noynoy was forced to be the President when Cory died... 3:06 PM

History does repeat it self.. 3:06 PM

alam mo masakit 3:06 PM

ang taas ng winning chance ni Noynoy 3:06 PM

potek 3:06 PM

Melanie: actually the course of noynoy's campaign was the course of cory's... 3:07 PM
parehong pareho... 3:07 PM

yun yung strategy ng camp nila... 3:07 PM

Boyfriend: oo 3:07 PM
magulat ka pag mamamatay na si Noynoy si Joshua naman yung tatakbong president 3:08 PM

pustahan 3:08 PM

Boyfriend: sobrang nakakatakot 3:09 PM

sila yung nagdala at mag dadala pa lalo sa philippines na tinatawag natin SUPER DECILING STAGE 3:09 PM


-------- end --------

They have a point diba?

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