Monday, March 22, 2010

Stop YELLOW Journalism!!!!

Yellow journalism is Sensational Journalism. And now it becomes Noynoy journalism, since he bears the color Yellow and flaunt it as if he has the copyright fo that particular color. Now the Philippine Daily Inquirer was sticking to that sensational journalism. making Noynoy sensational so that Filipino will be condition to think that noynoy is the best candidate there is in this up coming election.

The Newspaper especially PDI really exploits the usage of that media outlet, distorts bad news about Noynoy to make him appear as the saintly presidentiable, and exaggerates the news about him to create sensations and attract the Filipinos into voting for him.

Now Yellow journalism is not just a term but a style of promotion for Noynoy Aquino. swarms of Yellow journalist rule Inquirer's daily issues, whether on news or opinions. And it is all about Noynoy Aquino, how good he is, how cool to support him, how he figths corruption, which by the way not true.

Now where is the balanced news and fearless views?

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