Sunday, February 14, 2010

Manny Villar Foundation a Fraud

This is already outrageous!!!
My aunt, who is an OFW in US received a message like this in her phone:

The Auditors of Manny Villar Charity foundation informed you that your cellphone number WON P950,000.00, 2nd prize winner Handog pabahay sa mga OFW! Call now I’m atty. Vic Fajardo From BSP Info. Dept. Per! DTI #0422 series of 2010

I know it!!!
I know who will do this despicable move just to ruin someone else’s name. They resorted to this like of strategy just to make people hate Villar. They already did this to scam in CEBU. Then an upcoming

Website named was organized by Noynoy’s cousin, Mikeee Cojuanco at her own house!!!!

How dirty their tactics are!

And this is what their “Good vs. Evil” campaign means. Bravo Conrado De Quiros.
I bet the most active Filipino in America who is a well-known supporter of Noynoy did this anomaly. He is so active in Facebook, putting up fansites like Fil-Ams for noynoy and Rizal for Noynoy. If im not mistaken his Noli Dazo. I’m not sure if he really is running for any position, but it looks like he is. He is so much into campaigning for Noynoy, especially in US and in Rizal here in the Philippines.

This is disgusting. How can this people who prided themselves into being the GOOD ONES does these shameful things? How can an angel-faced Mikee Cojuanco even plot a disgraceful strategy that will ruin their opponent?

Are these people scared that Cory Magic is starting to fade?

Are the supporters of Noynoy from the elite society and his elite relative, who will in fact can benefit directly from his position if, God forbid, win this election is making sure Noynoy will really win if they promote this character assignation for their ardent opponent?

Is this their way to counter Manny Villar? Why? Can’t they counter his competency?
Can’t they instead show the people proofs of what Noynoy did so that he have something to boast that he can really make all his stupid promises, than resort to this scandalous act of plotting Black Propaganda and Character assassinations towards their opponent.

Well, Noynoy’s relatives already benefitted from his position right? The Hacienda Luisita massacre happened a week after Noynoy assumed the Deputy Speaker of the House. So if Noynoy assumed the highest post in the land, they will benefit more from it.

Simply, right.




  1. How come you went ahead and blamed the Aquinos for this? What proof do you have that they started it? NONE! There isn't even a website under!

    Text scams and foundation scams have long been "uso". Haven't you heard of fake websites asking for donations for Ondoy victims? Or the fake texts regarding raffles and contests you supposedly won? I'd bet it's the same people behind it. Not the Aquinos (who probably have no time for something so insignificant. Hello, text scams?!)

    And besides, I don't think they would need to scam anyone into thinking Villar isn't trustworthy. Because Villar is doing that on his own (with all the scandals he brought upon himself).

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  3. Your reason to suspect of a demolition job is not objected, but to attribute such scenario to a leading contender is childish.

  4. Meriam, para ka namang walang utak... paano ako maniniwala sa iyo baka gawa gawa mo lang itong binibintang mo! Itong ginagawa mo paninira lang din naman ito! Mas pipiliin ko pa rin si Noy kasi hindi na natin kailangan ang maraming nagawa...kailan natin ang gagawa ng matino, hindi magnanakaw at hindi pang sarili lamang ang iniisip! Titigan mo nga ng maigi si Villar kung hindi nya ba babawiin ang nagastos nya!

  5. so this text message is really a scam... i mean, the "pabahay" thing for OFW... i just received one... and told me that it is not a scam!

  6. i also received a message exactly the same as i have won 950,000.00 then i called them to ask if this is legit,of course they said this foundation really exist?

  7. opps....cgurado kah ba nman na may magagawa c tingin coh kaz wula ehhh.../