Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pseudo-Patriotism: No choice but to join in the Hindi ka Nag-iisa Ad

Hindi ka nag-iisa TVC of Noynoy rung hollow in my ear. I expected more from him since his the talk-of-the-town and flavour-of-the-month Presidentiable aspirant. Yet all I saw was the faces of celebrities and star from two opposing Television network.

Well, in real life hindi naman natin talaga sila makikitang may hawak ng sulo at nagmamartsa sa kalye calling for CHANGE.

Then this thought crawled in my vivacious brain of mind regarding this TV ad: Since puro sikat na artista and celebrities ang nasa Ad, are they really for Noynoy Aquino or they have to be because of these reasons:

1. Noynoy is the latest Craze. If, say for example Marian Rivera, (she appears in the TVC anyway) chooses to be on Chiz Escuadero or Gibo Teodoro’s Camp because she actually believes them (syempre andoon din si Dantes along with Rivera, di ba?) They would be labelled as unpatriotic Filipinos, pwede ring sabihin they were paid a large sum to endorse this politician. All of this will strike badly on their career. Masisira sila sa mata ng mga tao at lalo na masisira sila sa mata ng mga fans nilang Pro-Noynoy.

But if they go for Noynoy and his-so-called Change (without tangible plan) and tell everyone that they did it for free, BOOM! Ang ganda ng papel nila sa tao, sa masa na halos sila na ang tinuturing na diyos at lahat ng sassabihin nila ay tama at totoo.

2. We can not take away the fact that Kris Aquino have this huge influence sa Showbusiness n gating bansa kahit na kung tutuusin all she does is talk tactfully and act as if she has all the right to do so. Tipong kapag sinabi ni Kris it’s either True and you have no choice but to believe or its funny and witty and because of that “ I like her na”.

So malamang sa malamang ayaw ng mga artistang ito sa makalaban si Kris kasi yari nga naman sila. ABS-CBN treat Kris as royalty because of Cory(sumalangit nawa) and people thinks Kris is charming. O malaking dagok sa kanilang career (ulit) kung magkakasira sila ni Kristeta…

3. And then there’s Boy Abunda, who pledge his undying support to her BFF, Kris Aquino. And Boy Abunda have a great hold to some of the Actors and actresses that was in the TVC. Talents niya yon e.

So I really doubt that these celebrities really came there and voluntarily did this for free. They did this “Hindi ka Nag-iisa” TV ad because it is called to do so, for their career, for good publicity, for their reputation. Never because they really believe to Noynoy’s capacity to lead.

You see, the TV Ad show mostly their faces, the faces of the MASA or the common people were either blurred or quickly passed by the camera. Their Faces were emphasized to show the viewers that “Your Idol is with me so you should also vote me, too”.

isn't that also TRAPO?

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